Website Design and Development

Initially, you need to plan the structure of your proposed web site. How many pages, the Title of each page, the questions you wish to ask in your Web Form etc? How many pages, the Title of each page, the questions you wish to ask. Does your website need constant updates? Do you want to incorporate a guest book or message board into your website design? Do your visitors want to be able to search for the information they require (e.g. from your catalogue)?

We can create a database, using MySql and PHP, enabling you to update your website’s information as and when you wish, at your convenience. Full training and on-going support will be available. If you prefer, we can update your database for you, either permanently, or on an ad-hoc basis, as you need.

We work closely with our clients, getting involved from the ground up – from initial brainstorming and concept development, through website design and build.

To proceed, all we need are the four following elements:

  • A design brief (optional – supply only if you wish to specify the design).
  • The text for each web page you require, Example: homepage.txt for your Home Page.
  • Web form data fields (optional – supply only if you have requested a Web Form.
  • Digital images or photographs for scanning (We can provide stock images if required at cost price; this is dependant on supplier and image subject.

What’s Needed? When we have the above elements, we will create a web design template, which will throughout the entire site. This design template will be uploaded to our development server for your approval. Once you have approved the design, layout and font styles, we will then create all of the web pages you require using this as the master.

Design Brief

All you have to do is decide how much, or how little, you want to contribute to the web development. We can design and create the whole project for you, or you can give us a design brief, which would specify colour schemes, layout, image and logo usage etc.


Once you know how many pages and their titles just create a plain text document in WordPad, Notepad or MS Word etc. 1 per web page, named as the web page title. Example: homepage.txt for your Home Page, services.txt for you Services web page etc. You should also specify any images you wish to use on specific page.

Web Forms

If you have requested a web form which can be completed by your web visitors you can specify the form fields by giving us a list of the questions you wish to ask on the form, or you can find a web site which has the same type of form you wish to use, and we will create a new one for you based on the form fields it has. Just send us the URL. You will also have to specify the email address that the web form data is sent to when someone completes the form.


Send us any images you wish to include either by email or on a CD in JPEG format. If you wish to state which image to use on a specific page, use the image file names as references. Example: while writing the text for the home page (homepage.txt) just type something like (>>> insert item12.jpg here) etc.