Disaster management

“Have you ever tested your backup Data? How do you know it will work?”

Knowing whether your business data back-up is working is not just about peace of mind, it’s a reality that could mean the end of your business. Having a data backup plan is the first step in ensuring that peace of mind.

“Many SME have no clear backup strategies in place.”

Here at 64-BIT computing, we provide onsite back-up, offsite back-up and automatic back-up and secure replication of data depending on your needs. Whether you are a large company with multiple locations and servers or a small start up with only a few computers. Having a backup and recovery strategy should be one of the first things on the list to do.

“If your data doesn’t exist in at least 3 places it doesn’t exist”

64-BIT computing

Our disaster management services : –

  • Business continutiy We will ensure that your critical business functions will be available to customers, suppliers and other entities that must have access to those functions.
  • Disaster prevention We provide you with the necessary protection for your vital business information against human-induced or natural disaster.
  • Disaster recovery We prepare for recovery of technology infrastructure which are vital to your organization after a natural or human disaster.