12th May 2010 Off By 64-BIT computing

With the help of the local libraries in Swansea 64-BIT computing has setup 2 events to coincide with Race Online 2012, Adult learners’ week and Silver surfers’ day.

The events will be held and attended by us are at the following locations in Swansea.

IT Taster course – Oystermouth Library – 19th of May 2010

IT Taster course – Morriston Library – 20th of May 2010

Silver Surfers’ Day is the biggest, national campaign to promote use of digital technologies by older people. It is run by Digital Unite and was started in 2002. Silver Surfers’ Day is its ninth glorious year. It’s on Friday 21 May.

On Silver Surfers’ Day we support people and organisations all over the UK to open their doors and give local older people a taste of what the digital world has to offer them at a Silver Surfers’ Day Event.